LAI Webinar Series 2020:

Supporting Literacy in the Online Environment

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Dr Jennifer O'Sullivan 

“We know so much more about how children learn to read than we have ever done in the past. Children need to see the link between their spoken language and how that maps onto the letters that represent it. We have to be able to give children the opportunity to play with the sounds of their spoken language. Phonological awareness should be taught in a systematic format: we start with word awareness; we then move into syllable awareness; then we go within the syllable and look at onset and rime... [before finally arriving at the most crucial skill known as phonemic awareness: the ability to identify and manipulate the individual sounds in spoken words].” 

Dr Tara Concannon-Gibney 

“Starting explicit comprehension strategy instruction in infants really pays dividends later on down the line…Somewhere around 3rd/4th class, we have what is called the  ‘the fourth grade slump’ in the literature. Suddenly children are falling down in reading and we often find that they seem to be struggling with comprehension. So start comprehension instruction at the earliest possible juncture alongside phonics so that children are developing their comprehension strategies from the beginning so that they don’t have that struggling point later on down the road”. 

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