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The Science of REading

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What is the Science of Reading? 
In brief, the Science of Reading refers to robust, interdisciplinary research on how children learn to read and how this process can be supported by teachers. 
Browse this selection of useful resources which may be helpful in developing your knowledge and understanding of the Science of Reading.

Recommended Podcasts

Radio show microphones

Melissa & Lori Love Literacy

Reading Road Trip (IDA Ontario)

Reading Horizons: Literacy Talks

Pedagogy Non Grata

Triple R Teaching with Anna Geiger

Science of Reading: The Podcast (Amplify)


Knowledge Matters Campaign

The Right to Read Initiative with Dr Kathryn Garforth

The Reading League

The Science of Reading

Emily Hanford Podcast Episodes

Teachthought Podcast

'Teach Me, Teacher' Podcast Episodes

End Book Deserts - Dr Molly Ness



Recommended Podcast Episodes: Inside Education by Dr. Seán Delaney

Gene Mehigan on Literacy and Disadvantage

Jennifer O'Sullivan on the teaching of reading

Peter Afflerbach on reading development


Margaret M. Clark on literacy and early childhood education

Brendan Culligan discusses spelling and handwriting

Eithne Kennedy and a panel of experts talk about PISA results from 2009

Gene Mehigan on vocabulary development

Mary Roche talks about critical thinking using picture books

Nell Duke on Literacy Education 


Clara Fiorentini on Literacy and Social Media 

Tara Concannon-Gibney on Early Years Literacy

Recommended (Free) Webinars

Reading Comprehension Roundtable: Pedagogy Non Grata - Dr. Timothy Shanahan, Dr. Nell Duke, Dr. Hugh Catts, Dr. Mitchell Brookins, and Dr. Jennifer Buckingham discuss reading comprehension.

Nell K Duke & Katherine Tarca-Background Knowledge & the Science of Reading

Nell K Duke: The Science of Reading and Reading Comprehension



Teaching Council Ireland: Childhood Bilingualism (Feb 2019) and Inclusion for All (Nov 2018)

Teaching Council Ireland: Learning for All Series

International Literacy Associations - free literacy webinars

Reading Rockets: Literacy Webcasts

Writing on Computer


Recommended Reading

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