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Feb 1, 2018

What's Hot in Literacy


The International Reading Association has just published the What's Hot in Literacy survey findings to take the temperature of the literacy dialogue and to note the changing trends in literacy.


The results can be viewed here

Feb 6, 2018

I wonder What's Hot in Literacy from an Irish perspective? Any suggestions?

Feb 17, 2018

Delighted to see that early literacy is 'hot' again this year. It's so critical! Interesting that family/community support is in second place. I see early literacy and family life as inextricably linked so it's great that as a community of educators we're focusing on both so heavily!

Jul 20


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Oct 23


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  • gene
    3 days ago

    Maybe we can set the ball rolling by sharing useful websites for literacy instruction Here's one I find good sca _k-1.html
  • Literacy Ireland
    Oct 14

    Twitter can be a very useful resource for those with an interest in all things literacy. Some of our committee members are pretty active: @mairinwilson @marygtroche @Osullije @genemehigan @McCarthyDuncan Where do you go for insights?

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